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Sneak Peek of the Foreword and Chapter 1

How Healthy is Your Church?

These questions are designed to take one deeper than the obvious metrics of attendance, dollars, and buildings.

The survey is obviously not a scientific, fool-proof assessment of the spiritual health of your church. Such an assessment is best made by conscientious and introspective leaders willingly to be courageous and radically thorough in evaluation of their individual contexts and challenges. But generally speaking, the following scores may be helpful in encouraging you or alerting you to areas of further evaluation in your ministry.

If you scored 50 – 65, your church appears very healthy. There may be specific areas of concern that can be further addressed, but in general, your church appears to be on the right track in pursuing spiritual health.

If you scored 35-49, your church is somewhat healthy. A deeper evaluation of practices and processes may be required to determine areas of weakness in which to bring gospel remedies to bear.

If you scored less than 35, your church is in danger of being spiritually unhealthy. Further evaluation by conscientious leaders is necessary, especially if your church enjoys growing attendance and successful programming, as these gifts can belie dysfunction beneath the surface. The Gospel-Driven Church can help ministry leaders go deeper to assess the spiritual health of their congregations and formulate proactive plans to increase the health of their church.